Monday, March 30, 2009

AeroGrow AeroGarden Chili Pepper Kit

AeroGrow AeroGarden Chili Pepper Kit

The amazing Aerogarden Chili Pepper Seed Kit has three different flavored seeds, they are simply awesome! You can share your amazing produce with your friends and family, they will be very impressed. These seeds can be grown in aeroponic Aerogarden Pro 100 models, Aerogarden Deluxe Kits, and Aerogarden Gourmet Herbs systems.

The chili pepper seed kit comes with a year supply of seeds, that's a lot of great hydroponically grown chili peppers! They taste and look so good, you could even sell them in a market place. This seed kit is an amazing deal, especially for those who are looking to get the most bang for their buck! All chili peppers grown in the Aerogarden are going to be fresher than your could imagine and more tasty than you have ever tried!

Three types of Aerogrow Aerogarden chili peppers kit comes with:

~ Small Jalapeno
~ Purple Very Hot Chili Peppers
~ Red Fire Chili Peppers

Weighs: .5 Pounds

Kit Dimensions: 2" by 10" by 5.4"

Shipping Costs: Free shipping!!!

AeroGarden Chili Pepper Kits

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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Advantages of Hydroponics Growing

The Advantages of Hydroponics Growing

Longer Growing Seasons
Contrary to what many believe, having a longer growing season is not the only reason for the ever increasing popularity of hydroponics systems. In fact, there are numerous reasons why more and more people are opting for hydroponic. These could for example include increased nutritional value, cleaner produce, consistent quality and perhaps most important of all, there's no reason to use pesticides. Of course it only stands to reason why being pesticide free is desirable, given the vast amount of damage these chemicals can cause to the environment, including underground water.

Hydroponic Produce Crop Yields
It's an undeniable fact that commercial hydroponic systems produce superior yields when compared to other form of growing. This has been scientifically proven, both in the lab, as well as in the field. Of course, unlike the hydroponic plant growing systems we have in our home greenhouses, commercial systems are for the most part huge in order for them to produce enough crops to meet market demand. Generally speaking, these hydroponics farms cover roughly 10 acres although smaller versions can and do exist. According to research which has been conducted in actual greenhouses, hydroponics tend to produce approximately 20 to 25 percent more produce when compared to crops grown in soil. Of course, just as with all things, the methods used in hydroponics have also advanced over the years and today, under suitable management, annual yields of tomatoes can be double of those being grown in soil.

Hydroponic Plant Cloners

If you are an active gardener you most likely could benefit from using Hydroponic Plant Cloners to help speed up your plant growth!

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Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Gardenscure Hydroponics Forum

Gardenscure Hydroponics Gardening Forums

Gardenscure is a great place to find information on hydroponics and growing marijuana. You can learn a lot from these guys, they have gotten growing down to an exact science. They are simply great, I love this forum.

I am a regular poster on the forum and you can befriend me if you do visit it one day. In fact I encourage everyone to stop in and shoot me a message, username: whitney segura - if you do infact come by. They talk about everything hydroponics gardening from a to z. It really is a great place to find the best and latest information, reviews, and opinions of real life people like you and me on hydroponics. As well if you have any good forums or hydroponic resources that you use or like please feel free to leave us a comment telling us about it or shoot me a private message.

Thanks for reading!
Whitney - GardenMan01

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Pictures of Hydroponic Plant Cloners

Pictures of Hydroponic Plant Cloners

These hydroponic plant cloners are of the best hydroponic production machines on the market! Featured cloners are the Daisy Cloner, Bontanicare Aeroponics Cloner 125, GroClone Plant Cloner, Bonanicare 25 Plant Cloner, and more! Other hydroponic cloners don't compare!
botanicare aeroponic cloner 125Botanicare Aeroponic Cloner 125
Hydroponic Plant ClonerHydroponic Plant Cloner
Daisy Cloner 8Daisy Cloner 8

GroClone Hydroponic Plant Cloner
GroClone Hydroponic Plant Cloner

Botanicare Hydroponic Plant Cloner Botanicare Hydroponic Plant Cloner

Featured Hydroponic Plant Cloner Prices

Botanicare Aeroponics Cloner 125 Site
- Regularly: $889.99 - Sale: $699.95
E-Z Clone 120 Site Plant Cloner
- Regularly: $475.99 - Sale: $389.95
Daisy Cloner 8 Hydroponics Machine -
Regularly: $99.95 - Sale: $74.95
Bonanicare Clone Machine 25 Site
- Regularly: $255.99 - Sale: $204.95

More Hydroponic Plant Machine Systems Pictures

AeroFlo Hydroponics SystemAeroFlo Hydroponic Systems
Hydroponic Water Farm 8Hydroponic Water Farm 8

I highly recommend checking these great hydroponics systems out if you are serious about growing and plant cloning! Honestly, you can't go wrong with these amazing machines. They work like champions and will outlast 95% of other hydroponic cloners.

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Monday, March 2, 2009

What is your favorite hydroponic production system?

What is your favorite hydroponic production system? There are tons of them out there to pick from, back what is your choice? Please feel free to comment and even post a link to the product! GO wild!

I hope we get some get hydroponics and hydroponics systems, those are by far my favorite hydroponics growing systems. There are many different hydroponics systems out there and they range greatly in price, effects, and other various features. Some of the best hydroponic production systems are the EZ Cloners, Botanicare Cloners, AeroGrow Aerogardens, and Aerojet hydroponics systems. This is just a few of the many great systems out there, some are very expensive and do half of what a quality machine can do, and at 1/2 THE PRICE!!! Good luck shopping for your machine, we will help you in any way that we can and are glad you are here to visit us!

Thanks and GROOWWW WILD! haha

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