Monday, May 4, 2009

GroClone Plant Cloner

GroClone Hydroponics Plant Cloner Review

The GroClone Hydroponic Cloner is one of the most amazing hydroponics growing systems that we have seen come out in a long time. This machine is very effective, inexpensive, and takes nearly no skill or effort to operate. Just these last features I listed alone make this hydroponic cloning machine worth buying. It is the perfect cloning system for beginning gardeners and those inexperienced with hydroponics growing.

GroClone Plant Cloner Features

53 Cuttings At Once!
- With the Hydroponic GroClone Plant Cloning Machine you can clone up to 53 plants at one time, this is much more than traditional hydroponics systems.

New Growth Technology!
- By providing a constant water flow to the plant root cuttings the GroClone makes cloning up to three times faster.

- The GroCloner cloner system operates at temperature's of a maximum of 85 degrees Fahrenheit, while it maintains water temperate of about two degrees more than the conditions outside. This is a very remarkable feature for a hydroponics system to have, it is also a rare feature!

Most people are looking for a cloning machine that always will keep a low profile and the GroClone does just that. It is quiet, light weight, has a compact design, and will not run up your power bill so you don't have to worry about everyone knowing your business! This machine is very user friendly and you will know it when you start working with it. Your results will also speak for themselves when you compare it to the amount of time you invested and as well money!

When making the GroClone the makers had one feature they wanted to encorperate and build the machine around. That feature was to be a very easy machine to use, producing the maximum possible results, and all of this while having an inexpensive price so that anyone could afford their own model! The designers had major success and the GroClone is the proof of their accomplishment.

Other Product Info
Cutting Capacity: 53
Max Temperatures: 85 Degrees F
Constant Water Temperatures: 2 Degrees above outdoor natural temperatures.
Shipping: Free shipping, depending on where you buy your model from.
Hydroponic Cloner Machine: GroClone

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  2. i had good success with the grow clone machine provided i had clean healthy cuttings decease and bug free it worked great


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