Tuesday, February 24, 2009

AeroGrow AeroGarden Pro 100

AeroGrow AeroGarden Pro 100

Hey everyone,
I just bought the AeroGrow AeroGarden Pro 100 stainless unit, it looks amazing and I cannot wait to start growing my new indoor garden. I hear great things about the Aerogarden pro 100 model, does anyone have any tips or tricks to maximize growth? I am posting this question in a couple of great hydroponic aerogarden forums, hopefully I will get some really good input back!

Aerogarden Lightbulb Replacements

This thing comes complete with a one year warranty and 6 month Aerogarden Lightbulb Replacements warranty! Additional light bulbs only cost about 10-15$ and come with two in a pack, they last you 6 months so that really is inexpensive.
This system is amazing, I have used it before and am extremely eager to jump right into it again. It looks super awesome and only cost me $159, I hear if you are serious about starting a hydroponic garden then aeroponics is the way to go!
AeroGrow AeroGarden Pro 100
AeroGrow Aerogarden Pro 100

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