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The Basics Of Hydroponics Gardening

The Basics Of Hydroponics Gardening

Hydroponics comes from the Greek word hydro, which means water, and ponos, which means labor. Hydroponics gardening has managed to take gardening to the next level where we can grow plants without using soil. The art of hydroponics allows us to grow any type of plant or crops in nutrient solution without the aid of soil.

Although it may sound complicated, soil-less gardening is as simple traditional gardening. You need to have sufficient light, proper temperature, water and humidity for a plant to flourish and reach maturity. Instead of soil, one uses rockwool or perlite to anchor the roots and the water solution enriched with plant nutrients is fed to the roots. This method of gardening is ideally suited for indoor plants, which tend to respond to it well.

You have to take care that the water and nutrient solution has the proper pH for the plant after the plant nutrients are added to it. Most plants thrive under slightly acidic conditions (pH 6.0 to 6.5). If there is a big shift in the pH, you can use pH solutions to balance the shift.

You can develop a hydroponics garden anywhere; even in a dark hallway. However, you have to ensure that the temperature is maintained between 71 and 76 degree Fahrenheit. Of course, the temperature will change depending on the types of plants you are growing. In addition, make sure that the plants get plenty of sunlight. If you are using your hallway, then make provision for artificial lights.

Nowadays, you can get entire hydroponics systems along with nutrients and seeds. Some of these systems are automated and you do not have to do anything other than stand and admire your green thumb!

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