Saturday, August 15, 2009

New Strawberry AeroGarden Hydroponics Garden

My New Strawberry AeroGarden Hydroponics Garden!
Hey everyone! I am very happy and excited to say that I have started my newest hydroponics garden and that its being produced with the famous Aerogrow AeroGarden hydroponics growing system!

What am I growing?
My new garden is going to be completely full of strawberry plants, I have never attempted to grow strawberries by myself or much less hydroponically. I hear that hydroponically grown strawberries are extremely delicious and are considered to be a whole lot better than strawberries that have been grown by traditional methods of gardening.

The AeroGarden
Yes, I finally made the plung and purchased my own AeroGarden system about two weeks ago. I recieved it in the mail just three days ago and today I had an opportunity to go and pick up my seeds. This machine is supposed to be one of the most revolutionary gardening method and growing system ever. My plans are to find out just how great the machine actually is and I will be reporting on it by very advanced criteria.

The test will be based upon a number of factors during the growing process and there will most likely be a few unknown variables to pop up along the way.

Criteria #1: Convenience & Ease Of Use
Criteria #2: Ending Produce Appearance
Criteria #3: Ending Produce Taste
Criteria #4: Time It Took To Grow Maturely Produce
Criteria #5: Did The Machine Do What It Was Supposed To?

Other factors will most likely include the durability of the machine, did anything break? If so then how much did I have to spend to get replacement parts or the machine fixed.

Have you ever used the Aerogarden? Anyone you know used it?
I would love to know what everyones opinions are about this machine so that I can formulate a high quality, honest, and straight forward customer review of this popular product. Please, let me know if you have any recommendations about how I should do the experiment, opinions, comments, ideas, or anything else.

The experiment is official in progress!
Today is Saturday the 15th of August 2008, I want it to be known for documentation of experiment. I will be taking videos and pictures of the progress every single day, be sure to check back to view them.

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  1. what seeds did you use? i am looking for strawberry seeds for my aerogarden and can't get much info on them.


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